Nude Musicians Galore
We know how much you love your favorite rock stars and singing groups, well now you have a chance to see them completely nude! That’s right, you can get an inside look at these musicians leaked nude photos.


Keith Urban Exposed

Keith Urban is the hunky, Grammy award winning country singer who maintains a spot at the top of the Billboard. His good looks, sexy body, and free spirit has made him the male celeb that he is today..

Justin Timberlake Sexy & Shirtless
Justin Timberlake is the young and sexy pop star who has been in front of cameras and microphones nearly his whole life. Not only can he sing, but he can act, dance, write, and produce as well. The Hollywood heartthrob has been linked to about a dozen of the hottest celebrities on Earth and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.
Sex Magic
Red Hot Chili Peppers' front man Anthony Kiedis has definitely had his fair share of ups and downs, but now seems to be stronger than ever. The lead singing rockstar is extremely confident in his body and sexuality and can often be seen performing naked on stage. Nudity and the Red Hot Chili Peppers go hand in hand and we've got the pictures to prove it.
Adam Lambert Gay Celeb Scandal
American Idol hopeful Adam Lambert is getting more publicity than he bargained for with the emergence of pictures of him kissing several unidentified men and in flamboyant drag. While it's likely Lambert was hoping to take home the record contract THEN get a People magazine cover announcing his sexuality, he may just have to settle for 12th place and a spot in our Scandal Pages.
50 Cent Nude Shower Scene
The thuggish rapper came from a drug dealing background in Queens, New York, but left it all behind for his music career. 50 is now starting to act and has just recently appeared in a full nude shower scene, exposing his naked cock and ass.
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"Fall Out Boy" Peter Wentz has always known to be a wild and crazy guy, but he seems to have picked up a wild new hobby! He uses his cell phone to take pics of his crotch while playing with himself!! Problem is a few months back his cell phone was hacked and we got hold of the photos!.